Custom Pet Portraits by Karin Bogardus

Pet Portraits fall into a special category which establish a bond between pet owners and their beloved pets. They are a form of art that can be cherished for life.

The best pet portraits don’t do justice to our loyal, loving pets, and the only way to have a loving memory of your pet is to have a pet portrait painted from your favorite pet photos. You may have taken dozens of photos of your beloved friend, but most just don’t seem to capture the essence of you pet’s character and personality. That is where a pet portrait comes into play and captures the beauty, sweetness, and true personality of your favorite pet in life-like detail—the way only a true work of art can.

Cat Pet Portrait

I will paint your pet’s portrait from your favorite photograph, which I use as a reference to form my vision of how your pet can best be presented on the medium. Many of my pet portraits are presented as gifts to family and friends, and what a wonderful surprise for your loved ones to present them with a portrait of their favorite pet.

So, how does one go about getting their pet's portrait?

The process is as simple as one, two, three!
• Complete our online order form and then pick the best picture or pictures that show the essential qualities of your pet that you want me to capture. Send them in the mail or as an email attachment.
• Send a brief written description of your pet’s personality and character along with the photo(s). We all have some two or three favorite things about our pets that we simply adore. Write about those favorite things.
• Your pet portrait will take about 60 days from receipt of your completed order to the shipment of your portrait. Please allow longer if the order is after September and intended to be a Christmas or Hanukah or other special Holiday gift.



Basic Pet Portrait Info

Does my pet have to pose ?
Pet portraits take a lot of time to paint, and I used to go to the pet and struggle with the owner to get the pet to sit still long enough to at least get the outline of the portrait. After several miserable failures, I concluded that the best way is to paint using a photo or set of photos to develop the portrait. And now, with the internet an effective mechanism for reaching way beyond the area where I can drive my Jeep, I only paint from photos. I will use the photo or photos you send me to develop the portrait that I think most represents the pet I see in the photos—its essential nature and character being what I am trying to capture.

What is the best size ?
There is no “best” size. The size you select should fit your wall and your budget. Visualize where the portrait will hang, either in your house or the house of a loved one, and select the size that best fits. Keep in mind that the minimum size is 16x 16 inches square and be sure to leave room for the custom frame, which can add another inch to several inches to the total size of the finished and framed portrait.

How can an pet owner know if he has the right Pictures ?
Please send the picture that most closely approximates the pose you want your pet to assume in the finished portrait and which you think shows your pet’s essential character. Most of the time, the photos I receive are well suited to the development of the portrait and I use just what I receive. If I can’t use the delivered photo, I will call you and discuss a replacement photo. This happens maybe 10 to 20% of the time, and I have always been able to talk with my customers and work out a solution.

Pet Portraits