Ordering Process

The following simple steps will assure that you receive what you expect:

  1. You can use the online order form to place an order or request a quote for a pet portrait. If you would prefer to mail your order form, it can be downloaded in here.
  2. Send a clear photograph of your pet—regular photos sent by mail to the address listed on the ordering page or digital photos sent as email attachments are both acceptable.
  3. Please note that the photo should present a clear head shot and be in the approximate pose you wish your pet to appear in her or his portrait. Elements from different photographs (such as several different pets or a special background) can be used to create a single portrait. Also, if there are items in the photograph that you want removed for the portrait (such as collars or bridles on your pet), this can easily be accomplished. Your photos will be returned with your completed portrait.
  4. I will paint your pet’s original portrait on light colored linen using my artistic privilege to put the image to the fabric showing what I see in the photo. Please note your pet’s actual eye color, since transferred images often differ from the original, and the “eye is the window to the soul” of your pet.
  5. Describe any additional background images you would like to use to frame your pet’s portrait (e.g., barn, flowers and similar background images)
  6. Describe color and style of frame you wish to have used; it is very important to have your frame match the décor of the recipient’s home. I am an interior decorator, and when I call you to finalize your order, we can discuss framing options. Note: All framing is done professionally at one of three studios I use for my work. These professional do fabulous work!
  7. Completed work of this caliber takes a minimum of 60 days from our confirming phone call. Please place Christmas orders by October 15; rush orders may be occasionally be accommodated to commemorate a special event for an additional negotiated fee.


Prices for pet portraits vary, depending on the number of subjects, background type chosen and do not include shipping charges. For detailed information on portrait prices, please visit the pricing page.



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